Share About a New Client

Share About a New Client

Getting a new client is a big deal, and announcing it is a great way to stay top-of-mind with other potential customers and people who might refer clients to you.

There’s nothing quite like the “social proof” of showing that someone trusts you enough to begin working with you—and why not lean into this at the beginning of a new client relationship?

You’ll definitely want to check with your new client first to ensure they’re okay with you announcing that they are one of your clients. Once you’ve gotten the “okay” from your client, head over to whatever social media networks you use most often.

Here’s a sample snippet you can customize to make this type of post fast and easy:

Excited to announce I’ve started working with an amazing new client, [insert client name]. I’ll be helping them with [briefly describe project]. Always super grateful to be doing what I love and working with amazing people! Know someone like [insert client name]? Please share my offerings with them: [insert link to store]

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