Share About a Client You Recently Helped

Share About a Client You Recently Helped

After you’ve wrapped up a client project, it’s a perfect time to share that story with your network. This type of promotion is really effective because it contains many powerful elements:

  • Strong social proof, since you had a successful relationship with the client
  • A built-in description of your services
  • A call-to-action that makes it clear you’re “open for business”
  • A link to similar services that you offer

First, ask your client for a testimonial or recommendation. Jolly makes it easy to capture recommendations: just sign in and head to your store, then click/tap the “Request a Recommendation” button and enter your client’s email or phone number. They’ll receive a link (no sign-in required!) where they can quickly write up a recommendation, and it will be displayed on your Jolly store.

Then, create your social media posts by following the four bullet points above. Here’s an example:

Had so much fun working with [insert client name] on [concise project description]. Especially excited to hear this from them: [insert snippet from their recommendation]! Know someone similar to [insert client name]? Please share my offerings with them: [insert link to store]

If you want to go even further, here’s a workflow you can follow to create sales-driven case studies based on your past projects. This approach will help you get the most mileage out of your promotional efforts:

FIRST, Ask your client if they’re willing to do a 20 minute phone interview about their experience working with you. Make sure to get their permission to use any quotes or snippets from the interview in a case study about the project and when sharing on social media.

NEXT, Conduct the interview using these steps:

  • Ask about the challenge they were facing before working with you
  • Ask about why they selected you to work with
  • Ask what they liked about the experience of working with you
  • Ask what sort of results they’ve seen since the project was completed
  • Ask for any suggestions or ideas for how you could improve the way you work with clients

THEN, Create a case study by following this guide.

  • The Client Challenge
  • The Solution (why’d they choose to work with you)
  • The Project (what did you do together, and how did you do it)
  • The Results (if applicable, showcase the work you did for them)
  • The Impact (what outcomes or benefits did they experience based on your work)

REMEMBER, Don’t forget to act upon the suggestions they provided about how you could improve the way you work with clients!

NEXT, Extract the most powerful, positive quotes that compliment your skills and reflect well on the client’s experience working with you. Pay special attention to quotes that mention positive results that the client saw after the project. You can share these periodically on social media.

AND FINALLY, Create one or more offers on your Jolly store relating to this type of work, and create a link in your Offer details to the case study so that potential clients can see why they should hire you!

Have questions about sharing about clients you’ve recently helped, conducting case study interviews or creating case studies? Just sign into Jolly and chat with us!