Send an Email to Launch your Jolly Store

Send an Email to Launch your Jolly Store

To get started, send a few simple emails to let people know you’ve launched an online store to sell your services. Why? Nobody knows what you’re selling unless you tell them! We suggest breaking your network apart into three groups:

Friends & Family

  • Don’t underestimate the power of referrals from your friends and family. You never know which relative or acquaintance will run into your next best client!
  • Write a short, simple email letting them know you’re excited to be launching a new online store to sell your services, skills and other offers.
  • Clearly ask for referrals to anyone they know who might be interested in what you’re offering.
  • Don’t forget to link to your store!

Colleagues, partners and others in your professional network

  • Similar to the friends and family email, but strike a more professional tone here.
  • In this case, you should consider asking for referrals to people who may be interested in what you're doing, or potential partners who offer related services.
  • Partnering with other entrepreneurs and freelancers who offer non-competitive services is a great way to share leads. In fact, many entrepreneurs and consultants say forming these partnerships early in their independent career was a definitive moment that jump started their earnings and set them on a path toward success.
  • Again, don’t forget to link to your store!

Past clients

  • This one’s obvious but worth stating, because many entrepreneurs fail to take this simple step.
  • We suggest emailing past clients one at a time with a personalized note.
  • Let them know you’re excited to begin offering new services and packages.
  • Instead of hard-selling your past clients, we suggest that you ask for their feedback on the offerings you’ve added to your store. This approach serves two purposes: 1) It’s a softer way to invite your past clients to review your offerings and hopefully find one they’re interested in buying, and 2) It will return some valuable feedback from past clients about your offerings, how you’re presenting them and how you’ve priced them.
  • Don’t forget to link to your store!
  • Last, if you think a particular package is well-suited to an individual past client, make sure you call that out, and link directly to that offer. You can grab the direct link in Jolly by navigating to the offer and clicking/tapping the “share” icon, and then copy the link.

Have questions about sending an email to launch your new Jolly store? Just sign into Jolly and chat with us!