Promote a New Offer

Promote a New Offer

Announcing a new service or any other type of offering is a post-worthy event that can help attract attention and new customers.

Jolly makes it easy to promote a new offer by sharing a link directly to a specific offer.

These offers appear on their own page alongside your picture, bio, links, client testimonials and all the other awesome credibility indicators you added to your Jolly account.

Here are some questions to help you prepare for announcing a new offer:

  • Who might know some potential customers for this offer and would be willing to refer those people to me? What’s the best way for me to reach out to them? Even if they’re not ready to buy that specific service, announcing your new offer keeps you at the top of their mind for when they do have a need you can fulfill.
  • Which potential customers should I email directly about this offer? Would it make sense to offer them a discount on the offer?
  • Which social media networks should I post on to announce this offer? Here’s an example post:
Today I am excited to announce my new ‘30 minute design review session’! This new offering is perfect for getting quick feedback from me on your newest designs. Check out pricing and further details on my store: [link to offer]

Don’t have a new offer to announce? No worries! Here are two strategies you can use:

  • Try repackaging an old one! Pick an offer that has performed well for you in the past—like a specific type of consultation or a monthly subscription package like ongoing coaching—and overhaul the description and pricing. Presto, a new offer you can announce!
  • Or, use one of your existing offers as a starting point and customize it for a new audience. For example, if one of your offers is specifically targeting founders of tech startups, try duplicating it and customizing it for a new audience like small- and medium-sized business owners.

Have questions about promoting an offer? Just sign into Jolly and chat with us.