Promote a Discount on an Offer

Promote a Discount on an Offer

For certain types of offers and customers, promoting a discount with a custom “Promo Code” can be an effective way to increase your sales.

This is especially true when the customer feels like the discount is exclusive to them (or to a small group of which they’re a part) and/or when the discount is offered only for a limited time.

Jolly makes it easy to add a custom percentage discount to any of your offers and create a custom Promo Code that your customer can enter to get the discount applied to their purchase.

We suggest choosing a Promo Code that feels special to your target customer.

For example, if you’ll be promoting a 20% discount on Instgram, you might choose a custom Promo Code like “Insta20” so your Instagram followers know that the discount is a special offer only for them. When you’re ready to end the promotion, you can simply return to Jolly and remove the Promo Code from your offer.

Tip: If you want to create even more urgency around the discount, you can inform customers that the discount will be disabled after a certain number of sales. So, for example, you could disable the promo code after 5 people have purchased. This approach uses the sales tactic called scarcity: when customers know there are only a few spots available to get the discounted price, they may be more likely to buy.

Have questions about promoting a discount and using the Promo Code feature in Jolly? Just sign into Jolly and chat with us.