How to Promote Your Jolly Store

How to Promote Your Jolly Store

By now, you’ve set up your Jolly store and added some services, subscriptions or other offers (if you haven’t, check out this guide to getting your store setup and this guide to creating your offers).

But, your customers won’t be able to find your store—or your offers—unless you tell them! If you’re just starting out, check out this guide to launching your Jolly store.

For specific recommendations, check out these guides:

Send an Email to Launch your Jolly Store

To get started, send a few simple emails to let people know you’ve launched an online store to sell your services. Why? Nobody knows what you’re selling unless you tell them! We suggest breaking your network apart into three groups… Read More

Promote a New Offer

Announcing a new service or any other type of offering is a post-worthy event that can help attract attention and new customers. Jolly makes it easy to promote a new offer by sharing a link directly to a specific offer, which appears… Read More

Promote a Discount on an Offer

For certain types of offers and customers, promoting a discount with a custom “Promo Code” can be an effective way to increase your sales. This is especially true when the customer feels like the discount is exclusive… Read More

Ask for Feedback About Your Offers

Reaching out to your network and asking them to provide feedback on your offers is an effective way to get customers and referrals. As an added bonus, you’ll likely also get some useful feedback you can use to improve… Read More

Share About a New Client

Getting a new client is a big deal, and announcing it is a great way to stay top-of-mind with other potential customers and people who might refer clients to you. There’s nothing quite like the “social proof” of showing that someone trusts you… Read More

Share About a Client You Recently Helped

After you’ve wrapped up a client project, it’s a perfect time to share that story with your network. This type of promotion is really effective because it contains all of the most powerful elements… Read More

Start Sending a Monthly Update Email

Consider sending a Monthly Update Email about the status of your business. This is common in the tech startup world, but it is rare in the world of individual entrepreneurs, consultants and freelancers—and that means it’s a great opportunity… Read More

Ideas for Promoting Your Jolly Store on Social Media

To build your audience and get your offers in front of more people, here are seven quick tips for posting on social media.… Read More

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