Ask for Feedback About Your Offers

Ask for Feedback About Your Offers

Reaching out to your network and asking them to provide feedback on your offers is an effective way to get customers and referrals. As an added bonus, you’ll likely also get some useful feedback you can use to improve your offers and pricing.

Here’s a sample message you can personalize before sending to your past customers, colleagues, friends and family:

Hey there! I recently launched a new online store where I’m listing all of my services and other offerings for sale. I was hoping you might take a few minutes to check it out and provide some feedback to me.

I really value your opinion and would appreciate your thoughts. Here’s the link to my store: [link to store]

Specifically, I’m wondering if any of the offers seem confusing or if you have any other suggestions for how I could improve them.

(Also, if you know of anyone who may be interested in what I’m offering, please let me know!)

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